CLASS Assessment Scores

CLASS scores make choosing the right childcare center as easy as ABC.

Did you know that there are tools available to help you choose the right childcare center for your family? CLASS Assessment scores are one of those valuable tools.

CLASS®, an acronym for CLassroom Assessment Scoring System, is an observation-based tool that measures the quality of teacher-child interactions in the classroom.

Administered by trained, certified observers, the CLASS® tool measures how classroom interactions and experiences help children develop language and learn new concepts, how the classroom is organized to help focus children’s attention, manage time, guide behavior. The tool also gauges the responsiveness and sensitivity of the classroom environment to children’s emotions, which helps develop their ability to interact with others.

Research shows that the quality of teacher-child interactions has a direct impact on child outcomes and the quality of early learning programs. The effectiveness of early teacher-child interactions can positively impacts children’s cognitive development, with the effects lasting through the 3rd grade.

CLASS Scores:

1 to 23 to 55 to 7
Quality interactions rarely occurred.Quality interactions occurred sometimes.Quality interactions occurred consistently.

Give your child the best opportunity by reviewing the CLASS scores.

CLASS assessment scores can provide parents with an understanding of the level of interaction between students and their instructors on a non-biased scale. A survey consisting of residents in eight Northwest Florida counties showed nearly all (97%) saying they see value in what a scoring system would accomplish in a classroom setting.

When looking for a childcare center best suited for your child’s education, consider that it’s been shown that high-ranking classrooms give children a sense of stability and predictability that supports exploring, thinking about, and learning new things. Understanding and using CLASS scores can make a significant impact on your child’s life.