About Us

Our Purpose

We exist to help grow healthy children, parents, and the relationship between them.

Our Values

Our values are Can-Do Attitude; Tenacious, Energetic, Hard-Working; Innovative, Creative, Resourceful; Humility; and Fierce Advocate.

Our Vision

We envision a Northwest Florida where all children receive world class early education and care thereby being fully prepared to learn upon entering kindergarten. This will become reality because of a committed team of children, parents, volunteers, and professionals.

Our Mission

We will be on-purpose when we flawlessly execute the following mission directives:

  • Responsibly administer federal, state, and local funds;
  • Cultivate sound staff development and growth;
  • Create teaching opportunities for dedicated early childhood educators;
  • Encourage, teach, and strengthen economic self-sufficiency for families through access to community services and resources;
  • Ensure the success of both comprehensive school readiness and voluntary prekindergarten programs; and
  • Deliver and measure performance-based results related to our purpose, values, vision and mission, in accordance with Florida Statutes and the Florida Division of Early Learning.

Executive Director’s Message

Parenting can be confusing. With so many choices to make each day, so much information flooding us every hour and so many demands on our time every minute, it is easy to find ourselves overwhelmed and stressed. We are here to help! Whether you’re looking for quality child care options, trying to find help to cover the cost of that child care, or searching for services or resources for your family, the staff at the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida are here to help you make sense of it all. Helping grow healthy children, parents and the relationship between them- that’s what we do! Connect with us and we will work together on all the ways we can help you.

Suzan Gage
Executive Director
Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida